12A, 80G Registered Organization, License No. 135081, Reged. Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs , Govt. of India

About Us

Janvishisht Foundation is  a non profit making organization with a vision to be the fountainhead for empowering and transforming lives of the underprivileged. The Mission of the organization is to create a better India where the children, youth, men & women of the underprivileged sections have access to education, basic health care , opportunities, skills and information through individual, volunteers, collaborations and community programs and are empowered to join the main stream of the Society. 


a) Education. 

(i) To work for imparting and / or advancement of education. 

(ii) To establish, run and maintain Educational Institution(s) like schools, colleges etc, Technical Institutes & colleges (including Engineering Colleges) with Research Institution(s), Medical College along with Research Institution(s) and/ or Non Profit institutions as per the requirements of the society. 

(iii) To provide, guide, own, establish, acquire, run, operate, manage, maintain, develop, promote, administer, advertise, either on its own or through franchisee fully equipped schools, colleges, educational institutes, universities including deemed or autonomous universities. 

(iv) To establish, run and maintain open knowledge resources including libraries, Book Bank(s), Reading Room(s) and open access and availability of data. 

(v) To establish, run and maintain all the ancillary activities which are required by the law or otherwise to run the aforesaid educational institutions. 

(vi) To establish and provide facilities for dissemination of education and knowledge (scientific, indigenous and traditional knowledge) including Guest Lectures and Motivational Lectures. 

(vii) To promote and disseminate knowledge, create awareness and provide a common forum of interaction amongst academicians, professionals and government agencies, establish effective co-ordination, to organize training courses and special programmes to impart training, education in all disciplines, online, distinct, correspondence courses, coaching classes for any stream, any level, any profession for betterment of society. 

(viii) To undertake activities for preservation of digital heritage and building respect for cultural and linguistic diversity (such as fostering access to local content in accessible languages). 

(ix) To undertake activities for social inclusion including inequalities based on skills, education, gender, age, race, ethnicity and accessibility by those with disabilities. 

(x) To provide assistance and scholarship, stipend and grants to needy and /or deserving students and any other person / student to whom the Organisation thinks fit. 

(xi) To create Job opportunity for Unemployed Youth by Providing Skill based Training for weaker section of society. 


b) Social Inclusion. 

(i) To Promote Livelihood and Skills, Health, Education, Land and Natural Resource Governance with an aim to eradicate hunger and poverty. 

(ii) To provide training, technological assistance and information related to trade, 


commerce and business for promoting employment opportunities. 

(iii) To promote sustainable livelihood for people in poverty and also provide opportunity to render technical and other assistance in any form to the socially, economically & politically backwards people (women in particular) in order to empower them to generate income for their livelihoods and self sustainability. 


c) Empowering Households and Communities. 

(i) To undertake action research projects by meaningfully engaging with the relevant stakeholders of the development process, creating an environment to facilitate development and, through its integrated efforts, attempt to enable and empower the communities. 

(ii) To work towards the economic and social upliftment & empowerment of low households and the weaker & marginalized sections of the society by designing, undertaking, assisting and facilitating development & intervention in the areas of micro enterprise development, public healthcare, educational development and environmental development. 

(d) Waste Management. 

(i) To Promote, whether within or outside India, work related to cleaning and maintenance including collection, segregation, transportation, processing, composting, recycling, treatment and disposal of all types of waste (whether solid, liquid or gaseous substances) and including municipal solid waste, electronic waste (e-waste), construction and demolition debris, bio-medical waste, hazardous waste, sewage, waste water etc and undertake use, process, dispose and/or distribution of all products and by-products that are generated in the process of treatment or disposal of waste and waste products (such as compost, energy and refuse derived fuel generated form waste to energy processes such as biomethanation etc methane gas from landfill, processing, electronic products suitable for re-use with or without re-furbishing paper, metals and other materials including chemicals obtained from treatment of wastes). 

(ii) To develop, construct, operate and/or maintain/manage processing facilities for all types of waste and waste products including Composting Plants, Landfills and Sewage Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Incinerators, Refuse Derived Field Plants, Electronic Waste Processing Plants and to also undertake development and processing for the benefit of Society. 

(e) Nodal Agency for Social Welfare. 

(i) To work as a nodal agency to participate in and implement any schemes or programs that will complement the efforts of Government of India or any State Governments or any other regional, national, international or bilateral agencies or institutions or civil societies working in the field for development of health, sanitation, clean drinking water, family welfare, education, gender equality, sustainable human settlements, agriculture, clean renewable energy, curbing climate change etc. and is assigned or transferred to us. 


(f) Health. 

(i) To provide, guide, educate and to create health awareness program and to make, develop, build, promote Health Care Centres for the underprivileged public. 

(ii) To provide primary health care to slum dwellers at a nominal cost, if and when required, and to make it accessible to all by providing the same at their doorsteps with particular attention to the child health care, adolescent girls, women and to create health awareness among the underprivileged persons. 

(iii) To undertake healthcare initiatives aimed at providing quality affordable healthcare in villages and urban slums. 

(iv) To undertake health awareness drives through lectures, publicity material etc and to organize health camps for general & common people. 

(v) To provide, assist and to create helpline/helpdesk for secondary and other complicated cases of health problems, networking with various related agencies in the local area and supporting it with whatever is necessary for providing medical aid and guidance. 

(vi) To create awareness about a clean environment, planned parenthood, and immunizations of all children against most dreaded communicable diseases and to impart knowledge about health, economical food, proper diet, clean drinking water and improvisation. 

(vii) To carry out AIDS awareness programs in the community targeting the adolescent boys and girls in urban and rural areas with special camps and education centres for the subject. 

(viii) To provide awareness of Cancer & Cardio Vascular diseases and support their medical treatment. 

(g) Special Children with Disabilities. 

(i) To work for providing opportunities to Special Children to have access to Special Educators. 

(ii) To provide assistance to Special Children by organising help, scholarships, stipends, grants, special equipments and aids as per need. 

(iii) To organise workshops, visits and training programs for both Special Children and Special Educators. 

(iv) To provide assistance to schools of Special Children as per their need. 


(v) Early intervention to children with special needs in an integrated manner with proper education and guidance to the public enabling them to be competent to take care of themselves. 

(h) Accelerated Health, Education and Environment Concerns. 

(i) To promote and establish Health Centre and Educational institutions committed to launching and practicing innovative treatment style and learning methods in the fields that have a bearing on accelerating development in the field of medical and education. 

(ii) Rendering a sharp focus on enriching knowledge, skills and attitude of individuals, particularly through nurturing of individual giftedness amongst children and youths thereby creating in them quality of good citizenship and enabling leadership which, in turn, will impact social and other societal 


(iii) To support a network of integrated institutions on which various professionals and organizations dealing with different facets of social, sociopolitical, socio- economic, environmental and ecological issues, would function, interact and attempt to bring about overall advancement throughout the country and elsewhere in a co-coordinated manner. Accordingly, it may constitute its activities at different places from time to time. 

(iv) To raise the abilities, capabilities and efficiency of both people and organizations to international standards through innovative educational and research process. 

(i) Skill Development. 

(i) To give an impetus to the Skill India agenda and help create an ecosystem, that facilitates imparting employable skills to our youth of the underprivileged section. 

(ii) To augment and assist in promotion of all government initiatives aimed at Skill Development. 

(j) Women Empowerment. 

(i) To train poor women and provide them opportunities of self-employment to improve their social and economic status. 

(ii) To work with women to generate awareness regarding their legal rights. 

(iii) To work on Educating and creating awareness among women especially the rural women; 

(iv) To Supplements efforts of government in women empowerment; 

(v) To Promotes the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for empowering women; 

(vi) To Instils leadership qualities among women and ensures their participation in their empowerment. 

(vii) To Represents the problems faced by rural women to the concerned authorities and carries out impact assessment of the policy decisions affecting women. 

(viii) To Mobilizes optimum resources and plans and implements the projects that have bearing upon women empowerment 

(ix) To undertake initiatives to encourage communities to educate the girl child. 

(x) To work for better education, health services and economic opportunities for women. 

(k) Disaster Management and Relief. 

To provide relief work in the event of any natural calamities or disasters. 

 (l) Miscellaneous. To invest the Organization assets as per the requirements of the Organization’s objectives.